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About the connection to this website
This website hereby declares that it does not use Cookie technology. However, when you visit this website and connect to a webpage of related products or services, the information about your computer's access to this website will be automatically recorded in the computer system of this website, for example, the name of INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER, the name and the version of your BROWSER, the type of OS, your access date, viewing time and webpage connected. However, the website's computer system will not record your 'personal information'. The information above automatically recorded by the computer system of this website will only be used to make statistics to analyze your access to and use of this website, in order to provide a basis for future work to improve the efficiency of the website. In order to facilitate your use, there are related links on this website. When you use the relevant links of this website, you will automatically leave this website and visit other completely independent websites. Since the connected website is completely independent and is outside the control of this website, using this link is entirely at your own risk. Our website shall be in no event liable for any malfunction or other direct or indirect losses resulting from your use of this website or the links to this website, with the exception of such as for specific purposes like investigating the use of a particular product or other special activities. This website does not deliberately collect personal information of customers, e.g.: name, gender, age, date of birth, ID number (or passport number), telephone, correspondence address, occupation, education level, income status, marital and familial status. In cases below, some pages of this website may need customers to provide personal information:
①Recruited member registration;
②Collect questionnaire feedback;
③Solicit customer opinions and suggestions on products or services;
④Organize related events to enroll participants;
For the items above, you are free to decide whether or not to provide relevant personal information. Your personal information provided to the website will be limited to the specific purpose of the above items in order to better understand your needs and provide you with better services. In some cases, the relevant department may also use your information to contact you or provide you with information of product that may be of interest to you. If the address or other personal information registered on this website changes, please inform this website in time according to the contact information published on this website to help this website maintain the accuracy of your information so as to provide you with more efficient services. This website does not deliberately collect personal information of minors. The provision of personal information by minors should be approved in advance by parents or other legal guardians. If you independently decide to provide relevant personal information to this website, this website will take effective measures to protect the security of the personal information you have provided, preventing it from being lost, leaked, misused, tampered with or destroyed or subject to unauthorized access. In addition to the circumstances stipulated by laws or administrative regulations, and the need to provide your name and address to the relevant third party in order to meet a request lodged by you (such as requesting a service, etc.), this website does not provide any personal information about you to any third party without your permission. However, due to the nature of INTERNET, you are responsible for the security of your personal information during the linking and transmission process via INTERNET, and our website cannot make any representations and warranties in this regard. It is recommended that you read the personal information confidentiality rule of the third party's independent website carefully when you use the link of this website to access. Our website will assume no liability for any leakage of your personal information caused by the third party's independent websites. Please be informed that the description of personal information protection measures on this website is subject to update.
Intellectual Property
The website is operated and run with adherence to the intellectual property right protection concept of “respecting intellectual property and securing the wellbeing”. Intellectual property s such as copyrights, trademarks and other rights contained in or relating to this website and its contents are owned by GAC Group or third parties with legal rights and protected by relevant Chinese laws, regulations and rules. When you use this website, please comply with the provisions on intellectual property right protection. The content of this website, including articles, pictures, layout and color design, and audio-visual works. (hereinafter as 'the content of this website') are for your personal use only. Except as permitted in advance, no one may use the content of this website for commercial purposes or modify, reproduce, publish, distribute or forward the contents herein without permission. When using its content within the reasonable scope as permitted by law, you should indicate the source. Since the content of this website may involve the intellectual property of others, you should respect the rights of others when using it. You are solely responsible for infringement of the intellectual property of others for use beyond the stated scope. GAC does not assume any responsibility for it.
Receive or send information
You may not send any information that may carry viruses or other illegal content to this website. GAC reserves the right to resort to legal channels for the violation of the rights of this website and third parties thus caused. At the same time, this website is not responsible for monitoring or reviewing information that you send or post on this website, whether or not the same may cause libel, privacy violations or other issues. This website reserves the right to delete any information containing the above content at the time of discovery.
Information updates and applicable laws , etc.
Our website reserves the right to update the content of this notice at any time. Please read and follow the latest version before using this website. The right to interpret this notice is owned by GAC. In case of disputes arising from or in connection with the notice or use of this website, the laws of the People's Republic of China shall prevail.