Intelligent Manufacturing
For either conventional vehicles or new energy vehicles, intelligence is deeply rooted in the manufacturing process of GAC. According to the five-level evaluation system of intelligent plant maturity released by the State, GAC AION Smart Ecological Factory reached Level 3 directly and Level 4 partly when completed, and plans to reach Level 5 by 2025. The GAC Trumpchi Yichang plant is a model of intelligent manufacturing of conventional vehicles.
GAC AION Smart Ecological Factory
GAC AION Smart Ecological Factory broke ground in September 2017, and has a gross investment of RMB4.7 billion, a floor area of 470,000 square meters, an overall planned production capacity of 400,000 vehicles per annum and a first-phase production capacity of 200,000 vehicles per annum. This plant is a world-class digital intelligent plant featuring the Internet of Things, big data and customization, a smart plant for comprehensive energy utilization with a smart micro-grid, photovoltaic and other clean energy sources, and an electric energy storage system, and a future-oriented world-class new-type intelligent and connected model plant that represents the new levels of intelligent manufacturing, quality, customization and environmental protection of GAC.
  • Globally leading flexible plant of steel-aluminum vehicle bodies
  • Globally leading digital autonomous decision-making plant
  • Globally leading interactive customization plant
  • The world’s first ecological plant for comprehensive energy utilization

GAC AION Smart Ecological Factory is the first in the world to use aluminum riveting and spot welding changeover technology, has a “steel-aluminum hybrid” production line, and makes better-quality and safer lightweight vehicle bodies in response to the application of lightweight materials (e.g., aluminum alloys) in the future. The GAC NE Aion S uses a hybrid vehicle body with high-strength steel and an aluminum alloy lower body to realize world-class safety and lightness, and maximum occupant protection.

    GAC AION Smart Ecological Factory is the first domestic vehicle plant that uses a global data cloud platform for production process analysis and decision-making to improve production efficiency and quality control capacity greatly, and to make the best products. Intelligent manufacturing gives machines human wisdom, and realizes data acquisition, analysis, judgment and decision-making.

      Through the C2B customization of intelligent vehicle manufacturing, GAC AION Smart Ecological Factory is the first of its kind in the world that involves users deeply in vehicle design and manufacturing, provides them with individualized experiences, and makes exclusive vehicles. Users can enjoy rich, interactive and interesting smooth individualized experiences through the GAC NE app. For example, 16,800 and 60,000 solutions can be customized for the Aion S and the Aion LX respectively. Through the app, users can see the production process of customized models at any time, and witness the birth of their own vehicles, which can enhance the participation and sense of ritual of users in the production process.

        GAC AION Smart Ecological Factory is the world’s first plant that utilizes energy comprehensively. It also applies green technologies and materials comprehensively to harmonize with the environment and realize sustainable development. The new plant uses 52,000 photovoltaic panels (85,000 square meters) to build a solar roof that generates 16.77 million kWh of electricity annually, accounting for about 15% of the plant’s full-load power consumption; a power battery energy storage yard has been built to store surplus electricity, with a first-phase storage capacity of 1,000 kWh. Advanced environmental technologies are used extensively in the new plant. For example, the liquid damping material spraying technology used at the painting shop sprays the aqueous green material LASD fully automatically, reducing benzene and aldehyde VOCs in vehicles by 49%, and the advanced green film technology (hydrozirconation) realizes the zero emission of harmful substances.

        GAC Motor Yichang plant

        Built according to world-class industry standards, the GAC Motor Yichang plant is a high-efficiency, high-quality, energy-saving and environment-friendly world-class model plant of intelligent manufacturing that realizes the organic integration of production automation, information digitalization, intelligent management and ecological intelligent manufacturing.

        • Production automation

          “Production automation” is maximized in stamping, welding and spray painting, and 100% automatic installation realized for chassis, windshields and seats; the whole line is covered by IT equipment for autonomous recognition, sensing, human-computer interaction, etc. for simpler, more efficient and more precise production.

        • Information digitalization


        • Intelligent management

          With the industry’s first “intelligent manufacturing execution system” (iMES) at its center, the GAC Motor Yichang plant fully realizes intelligent management through intelligent critical process equipment, intelligent logistics equipment, and intelligent aided management decision-making, and can be updated continually.

        • Ecological intelligent manufacturing

          The GAC Motor Yichang plant uses a range of water-saving and environment-friendly technologies, clean energy sources, etc. to reduce smoke, wastewater and waste gas emissions substantially, and aims to be a more energy-efficient, ecological and socially responsible plant. The painting shop realizes zero wastewater generation and emission, and reduces VOC emissions dramatically in the painting process by introducing a latest-generation E-Cube dry scrubber. Its overall emission is much lower than the national standard.