Several Black Technologies, Including the GAC Flying Automobile, Made their Debut on GAC TECH DAY, Themed "Visions of Technology."

2023-06-26 16:34:54




On June 26, GAC TECH DAY 2023, themed “Visions of Technology”, was held at the GAC Technology Museum located in Nansha District, Guangzhou. The TECH DAY was structured around three sections: “Visions of Travel”, “Visions of Energy”, and “Visions of Intelligence and Connectivity”. Notable highlights included the debut of GAC's flying car, GOVE, equipped with a hydrogen-electric hybrid system, the world's first ammonia engine for passenger vehicles, and the N-in-one integrated electric drive system. Furthermore, GAC Group also unveiled other new technological achievements, including the Magic Square platform for co-creation of scenarios, to showcase GAC Group’s spirit of continuous innovation and transformation driven by bold visions of technology.


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