GAC Aion and Didi Have Deepened Strategic Cooperation on Autonomous Driving, With the Goal of Launching the First Mass-produced L4 Autonomous New Energy Vehicle in 2025.

2023-05-10 16:19:28




Recently, GAC Aion New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. and Didi Autonomous Driving Company signed an agreement to deepen their cooperation. They jointly unveiled the project for a mass-produced autonomous electric vehicle called the "AIDI Plan", and announced the plan to establish a joint venture. This will be the first time in China that a vehicle manufacturer and an autonomous driving company collaborate to promote the large-scale production of autonomous new energy vehicles.

According to the AIDI plan, GAC Aion and Didi Autonomous Driving will establish a joint venture to fully leverage their respective industrial and technological advantages, deeply explore product and application innovations in the intelligent vehicle sector, jointly define and mass-produce L4 autonomous new energy vehicles for shared mobility, and accelerate the development of the autonomous travel ecosystem.

The first mass-produced model will be based on GAC Aion’s AEP3.0 high-end pure electric exclusive platform, Star Soul’s advanced electronic and electrical architecture, and industry-leading multi-sensor fusion-based autonomous driving mass production technology. It will be equipped with Didi Autonomous Driving’s L4 urban generalization engine and unique travel-oriented autonomous driving technology solutions. The two companies will collaborate to develop reliable, secure, comfortable, and low-cost autonomous new energy vehicles based on the Huiju Port, the autonomous operation system of Didi Autonomous Driving, and their experience in the travel industry.





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