GAC group participated in a series of activities of Guangdong poverty alleviation day in 2021 and donated 30 million yuan

2021-06-30 15:22:47




On the afternoon of June 30th, the 2021 Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day in Guangzhou and the launching ceremony of the "Thousands of Enterprises Helping Thousands of Towns and Ten Thousands of Enterprises to Rejuvenate Ten Thousands of Villages" was held in the municipal party committee auditorium. Before the event, Guangzhou Municipal Party Secretary Zhang Shuofu, Mayor Wen Guohui and other city leaders met with Zeng Qinghong, Guangzhou Automobile Group Party Secretary and Chairman and other representatives of caring companies. GAC Group subscribed RMB 30 million for all kinds of charity projects such as GAC Group’s poverty alleviation collaboration, counterpart assistance, counterpart assistance, and rural revitalization, support for the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, poverty alleviation for employees in Guangzhou, and relief for vulnerable groups.

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