View of GAC University and GAC Party School Lianhua Moutain Campus

GAC Group Talent Cultivation

Development depends on innovation, and innovation relies on talent. GAC has always adhered to the talent strategy of “appointing talents from all over the world on their merits”, recruiting external talents while cultivating internal ones. GAC attaches great importance to talent reserve and cultivation. GAC University and GAC Party School were thus established on June 28, 2018.

The motto of GAC University and GAC Party School is “reaching perfection with virtue and seeking truth with tremendous effort”, aiming to build excellent teams through planned and step-by-step training. Such efforts will help create products and services beyond consumers’ expectations and fully implement GAC’s corporate culture of “Creativity defines our future”.

GAC University and GAC Party School share the same organization and team with that of “Training Center” of GAC; we cultivate competent cadres management skills in terms of automobile technology skills, comprehensive management quality and general management skills, as well as those of the state-owned enterprise management leaders to have a sense of the overall situation, loyalty to the Party, and courage to innovate.

In terms of curriculum, GAC University and GAC Party School built the corporate culture of GAC through four platforms: system improvement platform, contention of different ideas platform, featured projects and independent learning platform, and internal trainer platform. In order to enhance the comprehensive quality of GAC staff, a number of featured projects are provided, including the knowledge sharing of well-known scholars and mid- and high-level managers of GAC Group, further study in universities  domestic  and abroad, rotational  practice across corporates, mobile class, IGA, GAC good lecturer and GAC good course, etc.

School motto: reaching perfection with virtue and seeking truth with tremendous effort

We cultivate GAC staff with virtue, aspiration, initiative, honesty, openness, tolerance, unity, and determination. We will continue to innovate and break through, groom successors, inherit team wisdom, and march towards the goal with determination.

We inherit the tradition, lead the trend, carry forward the virtues, appoint people based on virtue, act in pursuit of perfection, seek truth, pursue axiom, and follow through our beliefs y.

    • School orientation

    • Help promote GAC strategy

    • Advocate GAC Culture

    • Cultivate and discover talents

    • Impart sharing wisdom

    • Four platforms

    • System improvement platform

    • Contention of different ideas platform

    • Featured projects and independent learning platform

    • Internal trainer platform

According to the plan, GAC University and GAC Party School will build the “Golden Triangle” combination which includes GAC Center Campus, Wushan Campus and Lianhua Mountain Campus (expected to be completed in 2020). It is estimated that the number of trainees will increase from 1,865 in 2016 to 5,400 in 2022. The training duration will increase from 35,500 hours to 145,500 hours. In addition, we will gradually expand the training targets and the scope of the project.

In the future, GAC University and GAC Party School will further expand its resource coverage, and strive to gradually share the teaching resources for employees within the company to the public, and finally achieve mutual construction, benefit and sharing within the entire society.

GAC also reached a strategic cooperation with South China University of Technology. It will mainly adopt the “1+2” cooperation model, namely “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement + GAC Scholarship + GAC Management and Automobile Professional Training Project”. On the one hand, we will encourage young students of South China University of Technology to study diligently and work hard and cultivate more outstanding talents for companies and the society; on the other hand, we will build a platform with complementary advantages between GAC Group and higher education institutions to make full use of the resources and technical advantages of both parties. Besides, we will work more closely together with respect to the research and development in cutting-edge technologies and organic integration of production, learning and research, deliver more high-quality talents for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and ensure them to be an integral part of the development of GAC University and its Party School.