2019-06-29 Yichang Factory of GAC Motor Was completed and New-generation GA6 Was Ready for Sale to Lead Upgrade of Intelligent Manufacturing

  On June 28, 2019, activities for the completion of Yichang factory of GAC Motor and the completion of its product car were held in Yichang. This is GAC Motor’s important measure to expand its presence in central China and accelerate the upgrade of intelligent manufacturing. The Yichang factory of GAC Motor is built with world-class high standards, which has realized the organic integration of automatic production, digital information, intelligent management and ecological intelligent manufacturing. It is a world-class benchmark factory for intelligent manufacturing with high efficiency, high quality, energy saving and environmental protection. On the same day, the new-generation GA6, Yichang factory’s first product car, rolled off from the production line. Featuring intelligent technology and excellent experience, it pushes forward the development of medium and high-class cars and also marks another major upgrade of GAC Motor’s product matrix.